Step 1:

Rinse bristles under lukewarm water. Avoid getting ferrule wet as much as possible. 

how to clean your makeup brushes

Step 2:

Use baby shampoo or your favorite makeup brush cleanser. The only antibacterial soap gentle enough to use on makeup brushes is Dawn antibacterial soap (use this if you want to disinfect). We also recommend a cleansing palette/glove. If you do not have a palette or glove, you can use the palm of your hand. 

how to wash makeup brushes

Step 3:

Squeeze soap into cleansing palette and mix with lukewarm water. 

how to properly wash makeup brushes

Step 4:

Swirl bristles into mixture. Keep swirling bristles in cleansing palette until all of the makeup product is off of the bristles and the water appears clear. 

how to clean makeup brushes tutorial

Step 5:

Fold a clean drying towel 1/4 over to create a ledge. 

how to wash makeup brushes tutorial

Step 6:

Place brushes bristle-side down so that water can drip toward the tips of the bristles and onto the towel. This helps prevent water from dripping into the ferrule and onto the handles. Try your best to avoid getting the ferrule and crystals wet. Allow brushes to air dry. 

how to properly wash makeup brushes tutorial

Step 7:

To shine the crystals use jewelry cleaner and a lint free microfiber cloth. 

how to shine rhinestone crystals

Step 8:

Dip microfiber cloth into jewelry cleaner.

how to wash blinged brushes

Step 9:

Polish the crystals by rubbing the cloth up and down the handle of the brushes. Air dry. 

step by step guide on how to clean makeup brushes

Step 10: 

Repeat this process until each brush is clean.